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Fernando Nunes is a Brazilian artist with over 11 years of experience as an illustrator. His illustrations are created from well-thought-out compositions that play with measurements and proportions from the very beginning of the drawing process.


Fernando pays meticulous attention to line art, using liquid and irregular lines to create a sense of flow and motion. By layering flat shadows, he represents depth and defines the shapes of each element in the composition. The resulting colorful and detailed artworks have a limited color palette, always with magenta and cyan, which are part of his signature style.

Fernando is a graduate of UNIP with a degree in Graphic Design. He has previously worked as UI/UX designer in a company creating mobile and web interfaces for major clients for six years. In 2019 he decided to follow his illustrator journey by his own.


During the journey, he has collaborated with many companies, including VansWacom, Freepik, João Rock, as well as musicians such as Illuzionize, Shapeless, and many others, also YouTubers Falatuzetre and Maria Venture.

Has worked for agencies collaborating with brands like Xbox and Splendour In the Grass Festival. The artworks were used and displayed by these brands in different media and platforms, showcasing his ability to create engaging and impactful artwork for a diverse range of clients.

Currently focused on creating videos of his creative process to inspire artists and people, also creating physical products to bring his digital art to life.


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