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Liquid & Irregular Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Draw irregular/liquid lines in Adobe Illustrator with The Intergalactic Liquid & Irregular Calligraphic Brushes.

The brush pack allows you to simulate random hand pressure, bringing a juicy aspect to your outlines and an authentic result on your artwork.


Explore the Magic of Irregular & Liquid Brushes

From Boring to Juicy With Just Few Clicks


The Intergalactic Liquid & Irregular Brushes

$12.00 USD

📦 25 Irregular Strokes & Brushes;

📦 2 Vector Illustrations Sample;

📦 2 PDFs - How to set up;

📦 1 Drawing Tutorial - Applying the Brushes in a Skull;

📦 Lifetime updates related to this package. 



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