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When I discovered my style, I was thinking why it is how it is, spent some times on this question and realized the answer. Besides creating a default process, our art style is defined by how we see the world + technical skills + mix of our references + frequency. 


Exploring new artists and places, using your creativity to its limit, but still using, enjoying our favorite musics and learning something new puts us in other perspective and evolves us in these aspects . 


Because of this, I recommend some courses from Domestika that have helped me a lot on my skills at softwares, creativity and different perspectives of art.

The courses below are from leading experts and talented people in the field of illustration, design, animation and art in general share their knowledge and skills in high quality videos professionally produced. Enojy!





This is a real-time walk-through video tutorial with in-context explanations of my thoughts and techniques when it came to sketching this character using references from sketch.


In this course, Gabriela takes you through the basics of drawing portraits down to the finer details. Learn about proportion, structure, and how to draw facial features by drawing three different types of portraits. Express your artistic vision by capturing the essence of each unique face you draw.

My results

Daily Sketching for Creative Inspiration

Meet Sorie Kim, discover her background in illustration and how she paved her own path in the field. Learn about the Korean artists that influence her work, as well as other international artists that inspire her.


Introduction to
Adobe Illustrator

If you want to learn Adobe Illustrator and create vector graphics without any prior knowledge, this course taught by designer and illustrator Aarón Martínez is for you. Discover how the software works, how to use the tools from scratch, apply everything you learn throughout the course with a practical exercises.

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