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Galaxy Gush Brush Collection for Adobe Illustrator

Enhance your Adobe Illustrator artworks with my latest vector brush collection, expertly designed to draw irregular and liquid lines automatically with seamless precision.

brush samples.png
Asset 26.png

Mix Size and Length Harmoniously.

Designed to effortlessly adapt to any drawing style, from short strokes to extensive paths.

Asset 23.png
Asset 24.png

Stretchless & Infinite Inking Brushes

Typical art brushes extend over extended paths, leading to brush strokes that lack a natural appearance.

Galaxy Gush Stretchless Infinite Brushes glide effortlessly on infinite paths, seamlessly blending with authentic terminations.

Brushes for Adobe Illustrator
Asset 14.png
Brushes for Adobe Illustrator
Asset 13.png
Brushes for Adobe Illustrator
galaxy gush info.png
Brushes for Adobe Illustrator
other brushes.png

Perfect for long strokes, texts, frames, borders and shapes.

Brushes for Adobe Illustrator
Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Get out of the boring flat and take a ride on the ink jet pack




The Intergalactic Liquid & Irregular Brushes

Unlock my pro-quality special brushes and boost your vector illustrations right now!

$ 18

  • Ideal for All Skill Levels
    Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps in digital art or an experienced professional seeking new tools to enrich your creations, the brush pack is designed with you in mind. A detailed manual guide is included, offering installation instructions along with tricks and tips for customizing your brushes.
  • What You'll Enjoy
    Sampled from real brush pressure by Fernando Nunes. Diverse array of inking brush styles. Brushes mathematically calculated to provide endless and seamless strokes. Versatile compatibility across pen and brush tools, drawing tablets, and mouse input.
  • User License
    Individuals, freelancers, creative agencies and organizations are allowed to use any of the purchased products for creating materials for personal and commercial purposes. The allowed number of users corresponds to the user count specified at the time of purchase on the product description page. This detail is noted on your purchase receipt as the product quantity. Each authorized user may install or utilize the Graphic Assets on up to two separate devices for personal use by the same individual. This is a summary of the user license. You can checkout the full agreement through the button below.
  • What's Included
    100 Stretchless & Infinite Brushes for Adobe Illustrator. 94 Liquid & Irregular Inking Brushes for Adobe Illustrator. 25 Grainy & Glowing Brushes. 10 Neon Graphic Styles. 3 Vector Illustrations source files with brushes applied. Installation instructions. Video tutorial. Lifetime updates.
  • Compatibility
    ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR: CC, CS 6 and higher.
  • Guarantee
    I want you happy! If you have problems with the package within the first 7 days, I will try to solve it, I can refund it or if you want to replace to anything else from my Gumroad is valid too.
  • Preview The Brushes

About Fernando


I am a Brazilian artist with over 12 years of experience as vector illustrator. My illustrations begin with compositions that play with measurements and proportions from the very start of the drawing process. I take meticulous care in my line art, using liquid and irregular lines to create a sense of flow and motion. Aiming to make a visual impact, I solidify my artistic vision and technical skills by layering a combination of elements with random strokes and flat shadows, culminating in colorful and detailed vector artworks.

During my journey, I collaborated with many companies, including VansWacom, Freepik, João Rock, as well as musicians such as Illuzionize, Shapeless, and many others, also YouTubers Falatuzetre and Maria Venture.

Also got several featured projects on Behance, Adobe Illustrator and Illustration categories on Behance.

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